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Third AUAS Summer School ready to roll

3 Jul 2017 00:30 | Communication

Seven different summer courses, more than 100 students from 26 countries and a 'social programme' varied in theme and content; the ingredients of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences' third AUAS Summer School.

Premium provider

This year two AUAS faculties will provide the AUAS Summer School courses. The premium provider will be the Faculty of Business and Economics with six courses: Digital Brand Engagement, European Business Skills, European Financial Markets and Institutions, Global Branding & Cambridge English, International Fashion in Amsterdam and Start Up Scale Up Business. Meanwhile the faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law will be responsible for the Practising Human Rights in Urban Areas course.

All courses in English

Over 100 students have registered for an AUAS summer course this year. Half are from Europe, whilst the other half hail from even further afield. Almost fifty percent of all these students follow programmes at one of AUAS’s partner institutes, both within and beyond Europe. The summer courses, held in English, are also open to Dutch students. Fifteen students have opted to participate this year, most of whom study at AUAS. 

Leonard van der Hout

‘Applied’ and ‘Urban’

The AUAS Summer School's objective is twofold, explains Leonard van der Hout, AUAS Summer School's project manager. “Firstly, Summer School offers students the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and insight into various subjects which will more or less touch upon their own courses. Summer School courses are set at Bachelor-plus level. The core themes of this summer’s courses are ‘Applied’ and ‘Urban’. With all seven courses the students will become familiar with the city and, via applied research, work on a number of metropolitan issues. And of course the courses will also include a considerable level of theory.”


Every successful Summer School student will receive an end certificate awarding a number of credits (ECTS). Van der Hout: “Students can carry these credits forward to their own educational institution, however these institutions will decide if the Summer School credits can be added to the student’s own total.”


Another significant aim of the Summer School is to increase the visibility and profile of the AUAS’s educational opportunities for international students. Van der Hout: “Internationalisation is high on the AUAS's policy agenda. Nearly every higher educated professional will during the course of their professional life rub shoulders with other cultures and other languages. All AUAS courses provide a close weave with the international standards and knowledge in any given field. A number of AUAS programmes are delivered entirely in English and feature an ‘International Classroom. If Summer School students enjoy their AUAS courses and become passionate about Amsterdam, then there is every possibility they will seriously consider coming here to study in the future. Something we would certainly appreciate!”

Pub crawl

The Summer School is not only about the hard work. “There is also plenty of enjoyment away from the coalface, such as a 'multi-culti' lunch, a pub quiz with additional pub crawl and a cycling tour around Amsterdam and its surroundings. I mean you also need a decent helping of the big F... Fun!” says Leonard van der Hout.