Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AUAS programmes receive an international business accreditation

First in the Netherlands

15 Sep 2017 16:19 | Communication

This week the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) was awarded international EPAS accreditation of its Bachelor degree programmes International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) and International Business and Languages (IBL). AUAS is the first University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands to obtain this accreditation.

The EFMD Programme Accreditation System (EPAS) evaluates and recognises the quality of international business and management programmes worldwide. Business schools with such an accreditation, such as the University of Antwerp, Boston University Metropolitan College and Peking University HSBC Business Schools, are recognised for the their academic rigour and standard of services. To be recognised by EPAS, applicants are expected to undergo intensive review of their curriculum. The committee takes a deep-look at the applicants programme, the school and the campus, interviewing faculty and students, as well as staff from Quality Assurance to the Registrar to Facility Services.

Not the goal itself

International accreditation recognises the quality of the programmes, research and relevance in the labour market. According to John Sterk, Dean of AMSIB, “accreditation is a means to our greater goals, not the goal itself. It helps us to better position the AUAS in the competitive international landscape of higher education and keeps us relevant. It demands us to take a hard look at the quality and added value of our programmes to students and the larger community”.

Direct benefits

An international accreditation can have direct benefits for students. It allows the university to retain current partners while attracting new ones. These partnerships provide students with the opportunity to study abroad at reputable universities and will attract more international students to the AUAS, furthering the international classroom. There is added value for the faculty as well. With more partners, the doors to faculty and staff mobility widen, offering professional development opportunities with faculty and staff from other reputable universities.

AMSIB has been recognised with EPAS accreditation until 2020, after which the school will reapply.