Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

2017 AUAS annual report shows upward trends

30 Jul 2018 09:00 | Communication

In 2017, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) awarded over 7,500 Bachelor's degrees and obtained € 14 million in grant funding to support its applied research. These figures are from the 2017 AUAS annual report.

In the annual report, the organisation reports on the course it has pursued; for the current period, this direction has been set out in the Strategic Plan ‘Boundless Curiosity’ (2015-2020). The study success of AUAS students rose in the past year (from 60 to 62 per cent in the main phase of their study), as did student satisfaction (from 73.4 to 74 per cent). The number of graduates who found a job at the appropriate level soon after graduation increased as well (from 83 to 86 per cent). Education at AUAS is of high quality across the board, as evidenced by the NVAO accreditations (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders).

Grants totalling some €14 million were obtained for applied research. The application of this research in teaching and professional practice can be clearly demonstrated. The research capacity – the number of professors, researchers and lecturer/researchers conducting research – increased from 437 to 461.

From a financial standpoint, AUAS ended 2017 with a positive operating result of €18 million. This result is due to additional funding that the AUAS received from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (OCW) late in the year. It includes funds in connection with performance agreements, OCW's higher budget (and macro budget) and a cost-of-living adjustment in wages.