Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AUAS removes obstacles for student entrepreneurs

7 Jun 2018 16:54 | Entrepreneurship

From the coming academic year, students at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences who set up a business while studying will have greater opportunities to successfully complete their studies while running their own business. Thanks to the new Entrepreneur Regulations (Ondernemersregeling), students will be able to conduct their graduation research within their own business.

In addition, through this scheme AUAS seeks to remove the obstacles faced by student entrepreneurs. It also creates clarity for all programmes concerning the treatment of student entrepreneurs. The scheme contains a new guideline to help examination boards set up tailor-made courses for graduating student entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial university of applied sciences

A comparison can be made with existing schemes for elite athletes. Via the Entrepreneur Regulations, AUAS joins the vanguard of entrepreneurial universities of applied sciences and clearly shows its ambition to be the entrepreneurial university of applied sciences in the Netherlands, expressing this ambition in AUAS’ Entrepreneurship Programme (in Dutch).

‘Combining ambition in both areas’

The programme’s coordinator and professor of Entrepreneurship Ingrid Wakkee is pleased with the scheme: “Our students no longer have to choose between their study or business or make compromises in both areas in terms of quality and the level of their ambition; now they can better combine their ambitions in both areas, and get the support they need.”

The Entrepreneur Regulations set agreements on the University’s definition of an entrepreneur and the programme adjustments for which he or she is eligible. The regulations will take effect in September 2018 and apply to students in the main phase of their programmes.