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AUAS names Olga Permiakova new photographer in residence

6 Aug 2018 09:41 | Communication

Photographer and artist Olga Permiakova (Ukraine, 1988) will be Photographer in Residence for the upcoming academic year at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). In this role, she will create artistic photographs for special occasions. The young Ukrainian artist will also have an opportunity to display her work at the Amstel Campus. Permiakova recently graduated from the Rietveld Academy, a prominent art and design academy in Amsterdam.

Each year, a jury selects the most promising photographer from among participants in the photography graduation exhibition at the Rietveld Academy. This year's jury was impressed by Permiakova's work, which deals with the experiences and perceptions of female soldiers in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Ukrainian army

Permiakova conducted extensive interviews with these women in order to learn what their main concerns are while serving in the male-dominated Ukrainian army. She then applied various techniques to visualise their responses. Her stereograms (pictures made up of multiple smaller photos) in particular 'yield a highly unique image, in which the photos are no longer recognisable without the narrative, yet the image itself still fascinates', according to the jury’s report, which praised the depth, colour and composition of her work. This year's jury consisted of Huib de Jong (President of the AUAS Executive Board), Yvonne Twisk (Head of Business Operations, UvA Heritage Collections), Bakia Mahboob (AUAS student) and Jorine Boink (Secretary to the AUAS Executive Board).

Art collection

It is customary at AUAS that administrators who step down or celebrate a major work anniversary are given an art photograph as a gift. The concept of the Photographer in Residence was established to strengthen this tradition, which has been a cooperative effort between AUAS and the Rietveld Academy since 2015.

One copy of the art photograph is given to the person who is stepping down or celebrating an anniversary, and a second copy is added to the permanent AUAS Art Collection. This allows AUAS to offer a unique gift while also expanding its own art collection with original work from young artists who have studied in Amsterdam. The artist is also given the chance to put together an exhibition in an AUAS building. Through this AUAS intends to provide the artist with a chance to reach a new audience and give them an additional boost at the start of their careers


Works by photographers previously affiliated with AUAS are displayed in a permanent exhibition on the first floor of the Wibaut building.