Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

AUAS takes key step towards workforce diversity

10 Oct 2018 13:11 | Communication

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has started recruiting 40 trainees with bicultural backgrounds. In partnership with these ‘young professionals’, the AUAS wants to bridge a gap towards its student population. The new employees will eventually take on the role of lecturer-researcher.

The AUAS’ trainee programme has a twofold ambition. On the one hand, the knowledge institution wants to improve students’ study success. The university of applied sciences is doing this by better anticipating the needs of new students during the start of their programme. On the other hand, the AUAS wants to offer employees and students an environment where they feel safe and a sense of belonging, via its diversity policy.

The 40 trainees are being prepared to step into an important role that will commence next year – the point of contact for new students in the first 100 days of their study. In addition to this, they will take part in a multi-year programme to become lecturer-researchers in permanent positions at the AUAS. All of the trainees have already successfully finished a study at the AUAS and acquired relevant work experience. They also have the option to complete a master’s degree during their traineeship.

The AUAS is a regional driver of emancipation and operates in continuous cooperation with individuals, institutions, organisations and companies in Amsterdam. Alongside educating students in the applied sciences, the AUAS also works on solutions to urban challenges via co-creation between students, lecturers and the professional field. As a knowledge institution, this means that AUAS places great importance on its workforce reflecting the diversity that exists among the student population, society and the city.