‘Working with Girl Power’ wins AUAS Research Award 2019

27 Jan 2019 15:20 | Communication

The research by Cynthia Boomkens, Judith Metz and Jolanda Sonneveld was recognised as the best AUAS research of 2019. This was announced during the AUAS Research Day 2019, where awards were also presented for the best AUAS research for the City and the best Bachelor’s and Master’s graduation work.

Girl power

The winning research, titled ‘Working with Girl Power’ (in Dutch: Sterk meidenwerk), deals with providing support in the development of their identities to girls in vulnerable situations, so that they can take ownership of their own lives. The jury praised the research for its originality, the creative form of the work, its relevance to urban social problems and the close cooperation with a range of Amsterdam-based welfare organisations and professorships. The jury was also highly enthusiastic about the translation of the results into the manual ‘Girl Power!’ for professionals.

Research for the city

This year also saw the presentation of the inaugural award for best ‘AUAS research for the City’. This award was presented to Idolaad (IDO charge), Intelligent Data-driven Optimisation of EV-Charging Infrastructure by professor Robert van den Hoed and Simone Maase. Together with a range of professionals and many students, they examined an effective, cost-efficient means of electrical automotive transportation for a sustainable, clean city. According to the jury, the relevance and impact of this research for city Amsterdam and greater region is exceptional, as can be seen in this video.

The best Bachelor’s graduation work

‘Learning to swim early’, a recommendation to promote the obtaining of swimming diplomas in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost in primary school students was the winning research by Bachelor’s student Nathalie van Hillo of the Sport Studies programme. The proportion of children with a swimming diploma in the Zuid-Oost district of Amsterdam is considerably lower than in other parts of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Some of the recommendations Nathalie made for the Zuid-Oost district are now being implemented in practice.

The best Master’s graduation work

Master’s student Olga Onrust, following the master’s programme in Pedagogics, won the award for best master’s graduation work with her research ‘Made-to-measure: Research into the active elements and conditions for made-to-measure work at the Zuiderlicht College in Amsterdam.’ The jury was impressed by the concrete recommendations made by Olga for educational establishments such as Zuiderlicht College which seeks to offer its students opportunities for more rapid, broader or deeper study, in spite of differences.

Social impact

The jury, made up of 14 AUAS professors, were impressed by the socially relevant themes of the research and the originality of the approaches shown. The broad range of submissions received reflects the scope of the research carried out at AUAS and shows the impact of our research on education, society and above all the city of Amsterdam.