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First students selected for AUAS Entrepreneurship Scheme

4 Feb 2019 14:54 | Entrepreneurship

The first students with their own businesses have been selected for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ (AUAS) Entrepreneurship Scheme. In the same way that the AUAS enables talented athletes to work on their careers in top-level sport alongside their studies, a recently established scheme enables student entrepreneurs to successfully combine their studies and their businesses.

Four students are already making use of the Entrepreneurship Scheme. To be eligible for adjustments to the study programme, an internship or to complete their graduation project in their own businesses, students and their businesses must meet certain conditions. One of these conditions is that there must be clear plans in place for scaling up the businesses.

Entrepreneurship Programme

The Entrepreneurship Programme supports student entrepreneurs who would like to register for the Entrepreneurship Scheme. This support also applies to students with their own businesses, or ideas to establish businesses, who would not normally be eligible for the scheme, but who can make use of the network, education and inspiration of the Entrepreneurship Programme in a different way.

One of the businesses: Tykn

One of the student entrepreneurs selected for the Entrepreneurship Scheme is AUAS International Business student, Jimmy J.P. Snoek. He is a co-founder of the innovative social enterprise Tykn.

The company provides identity registration services using blockchain technology, so that refugees or other ‘invisible’ people without birth certificates or whose birth certificates have been lost or taken are assured of an identity, which is recorded digitally and without the involvement of institutions. Having an identity, and therefore being ‘visible’ in society means having access to human rights.

More information

To find out more, contact the Entrepreneurship Programme by e-mail or stop by the Amsterdam Venture Studios on the ground floor of the Wibaut building.