Robert van Mulligen: AUAS lecturer of the year

11 Apr 2019 19:05 | Communication

Robert van Mulligen, PABO lecturer (teacher-training college for primary education) has been named AUAS Lecturer of the Year. This was announced during the annual AUAS Education Conference, which was held at Theater Amsterdam on 11 April.

According to the jury, Van Mulligen won because he presents course material enthusiastically and promotes diversity and connection in the classroom. He fosters a climate of openness and honesty between his students, which they greatly appreciate.

Difficult content

The second runner-up is Matthijs Mennes, Marketing lecturer in Sport Studies at the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition. He was praised for his passion for the field, for knowing his students’ names and for paying attention to their individual progress. The third-place prize went to Zeeshan Shahzad. Students appreciate how he makes difficult content interesting and tangible. Shahzad is a lecturer in International Business (AMSIB) at the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Prize money

Van Mulligen received and 2,000 euro cheque to spend on education and a trophy - a crystal sculpture designed by Willem Noyons. Mennes and Shahzad received cheques for education as well, respectively worth 1,000 and 500 euros.

Faculty-level elections

Student assessor Ruben Neuhaus supported the organisation during the finale. Faculty-level elections were initially held to determine the best lecturer in each faculty. The ASVA student union was also involved in organising this.

The other candidates who were in the race for the title of AUAS Lecturer of the Year include: Hein Bijvoet (Communication & Multimedia Design) from the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries; Paul Voorn (Physiotheraphy) from the Faculty of Health; Frank Godeschalk (HBO-Law) from the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law; and Bunyamin Erdogan (Aviation) from the Faculty of Technology.