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SPOT: the student design pop-up shop

1 Apr 2019 10:57 | Communication

Jumping Joey, Comebek and Kubby. These are just a few of the products designed by students. Curious about what they are exactly? You can stop by SPOT, the pop-up store on the Spui 23 in central Amsterdam, to find out, beginning on 1 April. SPOT is part of the AUAS minor programme Entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship minor is a module spanning six months, in which students learn how to set up their own company, and how to design and produce products. Students learn about the production process in a hands-on way and are assessed on their entreprenurial activities. They receive support during the semester via workshops and from their entrepreneurship coach.

Jumping Joey is the brand name of a fanny pack line (wallets worn on the hips). Comebek is a vintage clothing line, while Kubby is a cube game. Other items in the shop include innovative 'sperm friendly' boxer briefs, shampoo 'flakes' (just add water!) and conversation starter cards for a fun evening with friends or family. Products from previous semesters are also available, alongside these new items.

The shop is staffed by student employees and the AUAS entrepreneurship students themselves.
The profits go entirely to the students who developed the products.

Grand opening pop up store Spot:

1 April, 16:00 to 18:00
Spui 23, Amsterdam

The SPOT pop-up store is open in April and May from Tuesday through Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00.