Annual report 2018: consistent quality at the AUAS

1 Jul 2019 09:00 | Communication

In 2018, the AUAS awarded degrees to 7,210 students. Some 13,105 new students began their studies at the AUAS and a total of € 15 million in grant funding was obtained to support applied research activities. You can read about these figures, and much more, in the 2018 AUAS annual report, which was published today.

This year marks the first time that the AUAS is sharing its annual report results visually, via a dedicated annual report site. The website, called HvA in beeld , includes videos, animations and short texts that bring the story of the annual report 2018 to life. This site is for everyone who want to get a quick impression about the organisation and its key themes. Please note that the site is in Dutch.

The annual report sees the organisation account for the strategic course that it has pursued; for the current period, this direction has been set out in the Strategic Plan ‘Boundless Curiosity’ (2015-2020). Please find the key facts and figures pertaining to education, research and finances below.

The quality of our education remained stable. This is measured according to three factors: study success rates, student satisfaction and the position of alumni in the labour market. The number of students who earned a degree within the agreed period (four years) remained stable, at 63% in 2018. Some 68% of students were satisfied, or very satisfied, with the quality of their degree programmes. Finally, 89% of AUAS graduates found paid employment within three months of graduation. Overall, education at the AUAS is of high quality across the board, as evidenced by the NVAO accreditations (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders).

Grants amounting to some €15 million were obtained for applied research, which is slightly more than in 2017. The application of this research in teaching and professional practice can be clearly demonstrated, according to internal evaluations. The AUAS research capacity – the number of professors, researchers and lecturer/researchers conducting research – remined stable at 469.

From a financial standpoint, AUAS ended 2018 with a positive operating result of €12.2 million. This result is due to additional funding that the AUAS received from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (OCW) during the course of the year, which will be spent on quality improvements in 2019, among other things.