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Multicultural ambassadors: AUAS students up for ECHO Award

3 Jun 2019 13:19 | Communication

AUAS students Kethia Barigenera (Applied Psychology) and Artur Moeijes (HBO-ICT) have been nominated for the 2019 ECHO Award on behalf of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS).

The purpose of the ECHO Award is to generate positive attention for individual successes of (higher education) students within our multicultural society. The students will find out on 27 June whether they will advance to the national final.

Socially involved

Kethia Barigenera does volunteer work, providing career coaching to young refugees. Her dream is to provide coaching, support and training to young people. “My primary focus is on youth in our society, but I also want to reach out to youth in the African country Burundi. The people there don’t have much money and do whatever they can to be able to study. My motivation is to give back what I have gained,” the student says about her country of origin.

Making an impact

The motives of Artur Moeijes are promoting diversity and inclusion, and making an impact. “I quit my job on the side because I felt my time could be better spent helping others, rather than thinking only about myself. This led me to set up Diversity Talks recently,” says Moeijes. The socially involved student has previously set up a mentoring programme for students and a platform for free homework assistance. Both projects aim to increase diversity and inclusion in education.

About the ECHO Award

The ECHO Award is awarded each year by the Expertise Centre for Diversity Policy. There are awards for university of applied sciences students and awards for research university students. Eight students have been nominated for the ECHO Award in the HBO/university of applied sciences category. The winner of the final will be announced on 26 September. The prize consists of a summer course at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States.

AUAS student Anita Abaisa (Applied Psychology) won the ECHO Award for HBO students in 2016 with her ‘Black Ladies Talk’ platform.