Urban knowledge: WeMakeThe.City festival

AUAS is represented in more than 30 events at WeMakeThe.City festival

12 Jun 2019 09:02 | Communication

How can we work together to make the cities of the future better? From 17 through 23 June, researchers and students at AUAS will be sharing their latest ideas and insights at the WeMakeThe.City festival – a festival that brings together creatives, thinkers and people with pressing questions. Together, we will explore the major urban issues of today.

The future of work

Work is the backbone of our society, and is changing fast. Robots, platforms and who knows what else are being brought about by far-reaching automation and technologisation. How can we prepare the employment market for such an uncertain future? The research groups Management of Culture Change and HRM Management and Team Professionalisation will be sharing the results of research from the City of Amsterdam’s innovative projects House of Skills and Experiment Bijstand [Benefit Experiment].

Connecting college and community

In 2050, Amsterdam will no longer be characterised by a single socio-cultural majority. However, increasing demographic diversity is not yet leading to an inclusive society with equal opportunities for everyone. What does this mean for education? Students and teachers at AUAS are sharing their experiences with the SeSi Community Center, setting up inclusive learning environments that reflect the diversity of the student population and make it possible for all students to succeed in their studies.

Extreme weather in the city

The consequences of climate change can now be felt. Even if we achieve the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement, we will have to prepare for extreme weather events such as torrential rainfall, hailstorms, heat, drought and storms and the threat of flooding. What does this mean for our region? The research group Water in and around the City will take us on a thermal walk around the Marineterrein area, where we can experience and measure differences in air and ambient temperatures in the city.

Green logistics in the city

There is a downside to the logistics successes of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region: disruption to residents and the environment and airspace, as well as congested roads and waterways. This is why the spotlight is being turned on the logistics sector, to find ways of making transport smarter and cleaner. In cooperation with the research groups Mainport Logistics and Psychology for a Sustainable City, among other AUAS research groups, participants at the metropolitan conference Green Logistics will discuss the impact of logistics on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

Innovative nutrition at the SMAAK event

We are overweight and don’t eat healthily enough. This is almost inevitable, given the stimuli and temptations that currently surround us when it comes to food. This constant barrage of stimuli means we unconsciously make more unhealthy choices than we might like. First-year Nutrition and Dietics students have come up with more responsible alternatives, taking sustainability and animal welfare into account. They will present their innovative snacks and other nutrition solutions at the annual SMAAK event at AUAS. Come and try it!

Explore the neighbourhood

In the evenings, expeditions around the local area will take place. Explore the local neighbourhood with AUAS in:


Throughout the week, you can pay a visit to the From Textile to Design exhibition at the Circl.

See all 30 AUAS events at www.hva.nl/wemakethecity (in Dutch). An English version of the festival website is also available at https://wemakethe.city/en/.