Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Four AUAS projects receive RAAK-PRO grants

From critical thinking to electric driving

1 Aug 2019 16:07 | Communication

Four research teams from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) have been awarded RAAK-PRO grants. Each of these teams will receive an amount of 700,000 euros to start or continue research into the need for charging stations for electric vehicles, system thinking among schoolchildren, the exercise load of vulnerable elderly people, and cooperation on sustainability issues in the clothing industry.

The RAAK-PRO grants are awarded every two years by the Taskforce for Applied Research, a division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The projects last four years.

A total of 74 applications were submitted by various universities of applied sciences. Grants were awarded to 22 applications, with four grants awarded to the AUAS.

The four AUAS projects:

- Denker. Kritisch denken met interactieve systeemdiagrammen (‘Thinker. Critical thinking with interactive system diagrams’) of the professorship of Didactics of the Beta Subjects, led by professor Bert Bredeweg.

- Collaborative networks for sustainability of the professorship of Entrepreneurship, led by professors Lori DiVito (Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship) and Ingrid Wakkee (Entrepreneurship).

- Training en eiwitaanbeveling op maat voor kwetsbare senioren (‘Tailor-made exercise and protein recommendations for vulnerable senior citizens’) of the professorship of Weight Management, led by professor Peter Weijs.

- Future Charging of the professorship of Energy & Innovation, led by professor Robert van den Hoed.