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Students at AUAS: just as diverse as the city of Amsterdam

19 Aug 2019 16:17 | Communication

Gender, age, socio-economic background, nationality, worldview and religion. No two of the 46,000 students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) are the same. What they do have in common is that they are all different, each equipped with their own individual qualities and talents. Their ambitions vary. So do their characters. And their physical and intellectual qualities and limitations.

Video giving an impression of students at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Diversity is not the exception, but the rule. By ‘inclusive’ we mean that we are all part of the AUAS. Everyone is equally important; everyone has the same rights and obligations. Every talent counts. Together, we are the community of this university of applied sciences, which is at the service of us all. And to which we all contribute in an open, constructive way.

Drawing strength from diversity

At the AUAS we believe that we have a social role to play, in encouraging each of our students to reach their maximum potential by developing their individual talents and qualities, irrespective of the student’s background or prior education. Our diversity, multicultural and multi-ethnic makeup and versatility form the foundations of our policy. And it is from this diversity that AUAS draws its strength.

We have appropriate support for students with a disability, such as extra assistance and additional time for examinations. We also aim for the composition of our teaching staff to reflect our heterogeneous, multicultural student population.


We devote special attention in this respect to recruitment and selection and retaining personnel from non-Western, migrant backgrounds. In 2018, we took the initiative to set up a trainee programme for personnel from diverse backgrounds, who wish to become lecturers or researchers. Recruitment for this programme also commenced in 2018.

AUAS has a platform for diversity and inclusion, as well as active interest groups advising the Executive Board on diversity.

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