Cumulus Park: open innovation district in Amsterdam Zuidoost

10 Oct 2019 10:21 | Faculty of Business and Economics

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), ING, the City of Amsterdam, and the ROC have launched a new innovation district, Cumulus Park. It is a profound cooperation uniting partners that traditionally represent very different sectors, disciplines and backgrounds. With the creation of Cumulus Park, AUAS students, faculty and researchers will have the opportunity to tackle social and metropolitan issues.

With its expertise in areas such as urbanisation, digital identity and entrepreneurship, the AUAS has much to offer residents and visitors, schools, organisations, government and companies.

Collaboration with the neighbourhood, the business community, schools, knowledge institutions and the local government is encouraged. In recent years, for example, the Amsterdam Zuidoost Partners commissioned the City Marketing Project, Cities and Visitors, and started a collaboration between ING and the Digital Society School of the AUAS.

Inspiring spaces for a new generation

Cumulus Park launched on Wednesday the 9 October 2019 during an event on "Emerging technologies and the future of cities: myths and opportunities".

Cumulus Park offers a network, inspiration and physical spaces for new generations of students, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives. Along with the opening of the new restaurant The Traveller, this new district will also offer more restaurants and bars, greenery, open buildings, public spaces and sports facilities, all with the goal to make the district more attractive.

In the coming period, various activities and events will kick-off in Cumulus Park, such as a platform for local entrepreneurs, knowledge sessions and meet-ups. In the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, various entrepreneurs have already seized the opportunity to use our space at the AUAS Business Campus (Fraijlemaborg).

In 2020, the new ING building Cedar will open, along with the newly renovated AUAS Business Campus.