AUAS alumni employment on the rise

14 Apr 2020 09:53 | Communication

Some 91% of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) alumni succeed in finding a job within three months of graduation. This is according to the HBO Monitor, the annual nationwide study among all graduates of universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands (HBO). This is an increase of some 2% on last year.

The pace at which graduates find a job reflects to some degree the quality of an institution's education. AUAS alumni can count on getting a valuable degree that will enable them to get hired easily on the labour market. That’s why the AUAS set a goal for 2020, aiming for at least 85% of AUAS alumni to find a job within three months of graduating. The university of applied sciences has therefore surpassed this goal. Alongside graduates finding a job quickly, other indicators of educational quality at the AUAS include student satisfaction and study success.

Teacher shortage

Across our faculties there is variation in terms of how quickly graduates find a job. Not surprisingly, with the current shortage of teachers in the Netherlands, most alumni in the Faculty of Education were hired within three months (over 95%).

The survey also shows that AUAS alumni are increasingly convinced that their studies provide them with a good foundation for labour-market entry (over 60%, which is an increase on last year). Some 92% of AUAS alumni have a neutral or (very) satisfied opinion of their programme, with 65% reporting that they are satisfied or very satisfied. Unemployment among alumni remained stable both across the country and at the AUAS: 4%.

National survey

The HBO Monitor is the annual nationwide study among all HBO-level alumni, conducted approximately 18 months after their graduation. The research provided insights into, for example, the labour-market preparedness of graduates, the extent to which their studies have prepared them for employment and it also gives an indication of recent graduates’ satisfaction with their degree programme. The research is conducted by the ROA at Maastricht University (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market).

Corona crisis

Although the HBO-Monitor 2019 data provides an accurate picture of the labour market situation concerning the period in which graduates were surveyed (last Sep - Jan), the labour market situation for graduates who are about to graduate will probably be different as a result of the corona crisis. However, the answers to the questions about how programmes prepare students for the labour market and students’ opinions of those programmes are still relevant. As a result, the HBO-Monitor remains an important instrument for assessing quality among HBO programmes. In terms of how the corona crisis will impact labour market opportunities for young graduates from universities of applied sciences, the ROA aims to report back on this in the near future.