Professor Reint Jan Renes seconded to core RIVM team

2 Apr 2020 00:00 | ARISI

Reint Jan Renes, Professor of Psychology for Sustainable Cities at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, is currently seconded to the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) for four days a week. Renes is part of the core team leading the newly established Corona Behavioural Unit. "Our behaviour is playing an increasingly important role in this crisis."

Behavioural measures play an essential role in limiting the spread of the corona virus. The RIVM's Corona Behaviour Unit bundles and channels expertise in the fields of behaviour, psychology and health and makes this expertise immediately available for the purposes of informing and supporting policy and government communication.

“Our behaviour is becoming increasingly important in this crisis,” says Renes. “Such as collectively following the advice: keep your distance, wash your hands more often, stay at home as much as possible. The successful application of behavioural science insights in policy and communication can make a difference in keeping society healthy and strong. That's what I'm working on, alongside others at the RIVM, and I'm really very happy that the AUAS is giving me the freedom to do so.”

Behavioural scientist Renes will continue to work at the AUAS Psychology for Sustainable Cities research group one day a week. He will return to full employment at the AUAS as soon as the crisis is over.