Further information on issues in mid-May

Following the government’s press conference on 6 May

6 May 2020 21:40 | Communication

At the end of March, the government explained that even in the most positive scenario, a return to the 'old situation' for higher education would take time. Tonight's announcements by the government make it clear that being able to provide education on campus will, again, take longer than students, lecturers, and staff would like.

For the time being, the possibilities within the guidelines of the government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment are and will remain limited. In the interests of public health, the government wants to prevent large groups of people from travelling via public transport. Nevertheless, the AUAS continues to look for opportunities to solve urgent issues in education and research in a safe manner and within the set conditions so that we may start the new academic year as optimally as possible. In the coming days, the Executive Board will consult with the deans of the faculties about what this entails. Further information will follow in mid-May.