Pieter Meulenhoff appointed Professor of Cyber Security

27 May 2020 14:06 | Communication

The Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has appointed Pieter Meulenhoff Professor of Cyber Security by special appointment with effect from 1 September 2020. Meulenhoff works for Qbit Cyber Security and has been made available by this company to work at the AUAS one day a week.

Meulenhoff’s arrival is a great boost to a rapidly developing field. The special professorship in Cyber Security will conduct applied research into the responsible development of digital technology, with attention for social values and the human dimension. Among other things, Meulenhoff will contribute to applied research and the new Master’s degree in Cyber Security. He will also enhance the link between IT education and business. Dean Frank Kresin: “We are delighted that Pieter Meulenhoff is joining the AUAS. Pieter has more than proven himself in Cyber Security and forms a perfect match with our ambitions in this area.”

Specialist in ICT quality

Meulenhoff specialises in the quality of ICT across a broad spectrum: from embedded systems and data centres to application software. He was the initiator of a large international anti-SPAM project for internet service providers and led an international study into the possibilities of deep packet inspection (DPI), a technology that can be used to see which apps are used and which websites are visited, and in theory also to read emails. Meulenhoff also regularly serves as an expert in court cases in the field of ICT. He worked for the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) for many years. He has a talent for making sense of complex material and explaining it in a way that is easy to understand.

Meulenhoff obtained his doctorate from the University of Groningen in 1999. During his doctoral research, Meulenhoff was one of the developers of GROMACS, which is still one of the leading and fastest software packages for performing chemical simulations, such as calculating the interaction between molecules. After obtaining his doctorate, and before joining Qbit, Meulenhoff worked for KPN Research and TNO, where he carried out research on the quality of ICT, specifically on the topics of performance, robustness and security.

A field in development

The special professorship in Cyber Security is part of the new core professorship in Responsible IT, a collaboration between the AUAS and the City of Amsterdam. The focus of the special professorship will be on digital security. Because this field is very fluid, the collaboration between the AUAS and Qbit will contribute to applied research and updating the content of courses. Meulenhoff: “I am very grateful to Qbit Cyber Security for giving me the opportunity to fulfil this role. As a professor, I would like to work with students, lecturers and researchers to discover how IT works, and to think creatively about how to improve it.”