Black Lives Matter and inclusion

5 Jun 2020 14:01 | Communication

The recent death of George Floyd due to police violence has caused a great deal of indignation not only in America but around the world – including our country. Thousands of people took part in a Black Lives Matter protest against police violence and racism on 1 June. The AUAS fully endorses the call for the elimination of racism and creation of an inclusive society, in which everyone has the same rights and is equally respected.

AUAS Executive Board Chairman, Huib de Jong, on Twitter: 'There is no place for discrimination in this world. I am proud to work at the AUAS, which sees diversity as a great asset and wants to contribute to an inclusive society'.

Various students, lecturers and employees of the AUAS have also expressed, in many different ways, their aversion to what was happening in America and their desire to live (and work) in a diverse, inclusive society and university of applied sciences.

The AUAS is working on this in various ways. One example is the AUAS Diversity and Inclusion Platform. Last year, trainees with multicultural backgrounds starting working across the AUAS as mentors for new students, providing crucial support particularly during the first 100 days of their studies. Recent developments once again show that such initiatives are desperately needed and that it’s important to intensify our joint efforts related to this. In the short term, the AUAS Executive Board will start discussions with deans and many others within the AUAS to find out how we can accelerate and improve our efforts to become a diverse and inclusive university of applied sciences.