AUAS Expression of Interest for Marie S. Curie Fellowship

Pilot seeks to match foreign postdoctoral researchers with AUAS professors under the Marie S. Curie fellowship programme

8 Jun 2020 00:00 | Communication

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences aims to participate in the Horizon 2020-funded Marie S. Curie fellowship programme, which offers international postdoctoral researchers a great opportunity to work in Amsterdam alongside AUAS professors.

Under the programme, the AUAS issues a so-called ‘Expression of interest’ that invites international researchers to apply for participation in a selection of existing research programmes at the AUAS. These submissions are reviewed and if there is a ‘match’ the duos – fellow candidate and professor- apply for a joint grant via the current 2020 Marie S. Curie fellowship round, which closes on 9 September.

Applicants around the world can apply for the programme, although they are subject to the Dutch regulations concerning international mobility, such as work visas.

International research ambitions

The AUAS seeks out opportunities to partner across borders and is actively involved in a number of international research projects.

“The Marie Curie programme builds bridges between individual researchers, which brings us valuable global research perspectives and expands our network. It also shows that the AUAS is open: we have an international outlook and are keen to partner across borders,” says Dr Maren Pannemann, Research Grant Advisor at AUAS.

If successful, AUAS would like to continue this Expression of Interest programme for future annual Marie Curie calls under Horizon Europe.

AUAS participating professors

Eight AUAS professors are interested in hosting international researchers via the Marie Curie programme:

Dr Willem van Winden, Professor of Urban Economic Innovation;

Dr Ingrid Wakkee, Professor of Entrepreneurship;

Dr Lori DiVito, Professor Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship;

Dr Geert Lovink, Director of the Institute of Network Cultures;

Dr Ir. Troy Nachtigall, Professor of Fashion Research and Technology;

Dr Tamara Witschge, Professor of Crossmedia;

Dr Martijn de Waal, Professor of Play and Civic Media; and

Dr Peter Weijs, Professor of Nutrition and Exercise.

Application information

Please note that the deadline for researchers to apply to the AUAS is 25 June 2020.

Find out more about the participating AUAS professors and the application process: