AMSIB: 100% online education in fall semester

10 Jun 2020 18:00 | Amsterdam School of International Business

The Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) has decided to deliver education entirely online in the fall semester for all students. This means, that despite which year or phase you are at in your degree programme, you will follow your education online. AMSIB is one of the key English-taught programmes at the AUAS, with three Bachelor-variants.

Student life and professional development

Naturally student life is a fundamental component to the study experience. Therefore, we are working with the Professional Development department and ACE Society to develop physical meet-ups throughout the first semester for students who are able to join – of course in line with official measures.

Introduction for first year students

The introduction week is an important kick-off for first year students, allowing you to meet new friends and build your network for the coming four years. Therefore, AMSIB is working on an engaging online (and partially offline) Introduction Week for all first year students. More will be shared in July.

Education, exams, group assignments

Every module, assignment and exam within your programme demands a different way of teaching and engagement. Transitioning the physical classroom and experience to online means in many cases a redesign of the module, the assignment or the exam. Everyone working at AMSIB is working on this transition, so this means we won’t know exactly how this will be delivered until July.

When we have a concrete plan per year, this will be shared with you. Please hold on to your questions until we reach out to you in July.

Current use of AUAS locations

Many students are longing to be able to study and research together again on AUAS campuses. But that is unfortunately not possible for the rest of academic year 2019-2020. The AUAS adheres to the guidelines mandated by the government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), which require us to keep our distance.

We ask you to only come to the AUAS campus if there is no other option. The Wibauthuis building, the Leeuwenburg and the Nicolaes Tulp building are open in these circumstances. The other buildings are closed. Bring your AUAS-ID and follow the instructions of the AUAS staff on the premesis.

The restrictions will be relaxed, very slightly, on 15 June. The government will probably allow the use of a few specific facilities for practical education and research after that date. For all other education and work, the message remains the same: stay home and stay safe.

Please also see the AMSIB announcement (19 June 2020): COVID-19 UPDATE #2 – CLASSES ONLINE OR IN THE NETHERLANDS?