AUAS appoints Marleen Stikker as Professor of Practice

27 Aug 2020 16:51 | Communication

Today, Geleyn Meijer, Rector and member of the Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) announced that Marleen Stikker has been named Professor of Practice effective January 2021. The Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI) nominated Stikker for this appointment.

Marleen Stikker is an internet pioneer, founder and director of research institute Waag and helped create Digital City, PICNIC and We Make the City. She was intensively involved in FairPhone, which won multiple awards, the Amsterdam iCapital bid and was interviewed in an acclaimed episode of the Dutch television programme ‘Zomergasten’ in 2018. But above all, she is a widely celebrated advocate of open, honest and inclusive technology.

“In her role as Professor of Practice focusing on digitalisation, Marleen will help us shape the transformation to the digital society under the leadership of FDMCI. Her influence has been immense on how we think about the development of technology: responsible and user-oriented. Last year she successfully launched her book, ‘Het internet is stuk, maar we kunnen het repareren’ (The internet is broken, but we can fix it). This title shows her character: critical, but always constructive. That’s a perfect fit with the AUAS. Ultimately, it's about more than the internet. Digitalisation has a major impact on our education and research because it radically changes both the content and the way we teach it. The current situation underlines the urgency of this subject - virtually all of our activities have become digital overnight and we've hardly had time to reflect on what that actually means. In January she will give her inaugural lecture and officially start at AUAS. I'm looking forward to it,” says Geleyn Meijer.

Marleen Stikker is the second Professor of Practice at the AUAS, following Kate Raworth’s appointment. This role enables the AUAS to connect to people who are a source of inspiration on current and future-focused strategic topics, in line with the AUAS’ mission and vision.