Hanneke Reuling Interim Chair of the Executive Board

27 Aug 2020 16:50 | Communication

Following the impending departure of Chairman Huib de Jong on 1 September, the AUAS Executive Board will temporarily consist of two members: Hanneke Reuling (Vice Chair) and Geleyn Meijer (Rector). The two directors have agreed with the Supervisory Board that they will cover the post together until a new chair is appointed, clearly dividing the portfolios and responsibilities.

Hanneke Reuling will be given the role, responsibilities and powers of interim chair of the board, alongside her current responsibility for operations. This also means that effective 1 September, she will be contact person for the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) and the Central Executive Council (CBO). As Rector, Geleyn Meijer will remain responsible for education and research.

The procedure for recruiting a new chairperson will continue as planned, led by the Supervisory Board.