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AUAS launches unique sports leadership programme for executives

23 Oct 2020 15:02 | Faculty Sports and Nutrition

In January 2021, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) will begin offering a special programme for executives from the world of sport, business and politics: the Sports Leadership Programme (SLP). This addition to the existing range of programmes aligns with the institution’s vision of ‘lifelong learning’.

Developments in the world of sport are complex and rapidly changing. That requires executives in the sports sector to have a strong vision on important topics such as good governance and match fixing, from an international and sustainable perspective. This leadership programme is designed for executives who want to use sport to make a difference in society. Integrity, credibility and sustainability are central to this approach. This programme was previously executed by the Sports Leadership Institute, under the banner of the Nyenrode University. Initially, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will continue to collaborate with the Sports Leadership Institute to further develop the programme.

Educational vision: lifelong learning

The vision of the AUAS is to evolve from being a university of applied sciences into an educational institution where everyone can pursue lifelong learning. The Sports Leadership Programme is therefore a valuable addition to the existing Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Logically, the new executive programme will be part of the Faculty of Sports and Nutrition (FSN), where the ALO and Sport Studies programmes have been laying the foundation for the development of sport and sports management for many years. The SLP consists of five modules spread over eight months with a total of 25 course days, alongside peer-to-peer activities and coaching.

For experienced and motivated executives

Participants in this English-language programme should match the following profile: they are entrepreneurial individuals with proven and exceptional experience or performance in sport, the business world or politics, are focused on sustainability, can work and think at a Bachelor’s degree level, and are between the ages of 30 and 60. Additional information is available on the AUAS website: