Centre for Economic Transformation off the ground

16 Feb 2021 16:00

The Centre for Economic Transformation (CET) was officially launched at the AUAS Knowledge Parade on 9 February. The CET will become Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)’s platform where alternative thinking about the economy is brought to bear both in teaching and in applied research.

“We are looking to work on accelerating the transformation into a sustainable, honest economy,” says CET director Willem van Winden. The CET invites businesses and civic organisations to affiliate and make this ambition reality in cooperation with students, lecturers and researchers.

Four big transformations

Central to this, according to dean of the Faculty of Business & Economics Ineke Bussemaker, are the four big transformations society is currently undergoing. “The digital transformation, the transformation of work, the transformation towards sustainability and circularity, and the energy transformation. CET’s role in this is to be a proactive player, a catalyst, in researching the implications of these transformations, both for the professional field and for our teaching.”

The CET found inspiration for its plans in the work of Kate Raworth, who was appointed Professor of Practice at AUAS last year. Raworth is the author of the book ‘Doughnut Economics’, which presents an economic model for the 21st century based on the realisation of everyone’s wishes and needs without losing sight of the limits of the planet.

Amsterdam Donut Coalition

In 2019, AUAS joined the Amsterdam Donut Coalition (in Dutch), a cooperation between urban parties committed to putting Raworth’s economic principles into practice. The CET will also become a member of this coalition, actively working to affiliate with new projects from the professional field.

In addition, the CET is itself initiating new research in the area of the four big transformations, as well as linking the new, innovative projects closely to education. The CET also aims to become a platform for debate, lectures and films on the new economy.

“The principle behind all new economic thought is cooperation. Take a look for yourself – see how the young people are doing it. Put your questions out there, into the network. Share your knowledge”, says Ineke Bussemaker.

For more information visit www.amsterdamuas.com/cet