Curfew exemption for practical education

24 Feb 2021 13:46 | Communication

Earlier this week, the government announced that the current lockdown and the corresponding measures to curtail the spread of the corona virus will be extended until 15 March.

For higher education, only one thing will change: from 2 March onwards: students following practical education will be exempted from the curfew. A similar exemption had already been in place for tests.

The Executive Board of AUAS is disappointed that no further relaxation of the measures was possible for higher professional education at this time. In the coming weeks, we will again be working and studying from home, for the most part. Personal contact is very important for AUAS, its students and its employees, which is why we want to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by the current set of measures. We are also actively lobbying with politicians to relax measures in higher education.

As in the previous months, practical education and tests can continue to take place on campus, while students and staff can, in specific cases, make use of the study or work stations in the Leeuwenburg building near Amstel Station. As soon as the current lockdown is lifted, the AUAS will revert to the schedule that has been in place since last summer.

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