Lockdown extended through 2 March

2 Feb 2021 19:56 | Communication

The Dutch government has extended the current lockdown until (and including) 2 March. A decision will follow at the end of this week concerning whether the curfew will be extended after 10 February.

Primary schools and day-care centres will reopen on 8 February. This is not the case for higher education. This means that we will continue to study and work at home during the coming weeks. The only exceptions for us are those that are already in place for higher education. Practical education and tests are permitted on our campuses. In specific cases, students and employees can make use of a study or work station at the Leeuwenburg building near Amstel Station. As soon as the government lifts the current lockdown, the AUAS will revert back to the schedule that has been in place at our institution since last summer.

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