AUAS appoints Abdelhamid Idrissi Professor of Practice

25 Oct 2021 14:00 | Communication

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rector Geleyn Meijer announced today that Abdelhamid Idrissi will be appointed as Professor of Practice for Diversity and Inclusion on 10 February 2022. AUAS’s Faculty of Education nominated Abdelhamid Idrissi for this role.

Abdelhamid Idrissi is at the heart of Amsterdam society. Through various neighbourhood projects, he works to combat inequality of opportunity and put other key issues on the map, engaging in dialogue about these topics throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Abdelhamid Idrissi studied Architecture at AUAS and grew up in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, where he started the city’s first Studiezaal (A study hall for children and youth, information in Dutch), for which he received the Nieuw Amsterdam Awards Public Prize in 2021. Abdelhamid Idrissi was named 2018 Amsterdammer of the Year, is a member of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s NPO initiative (National Education Programme), involved in the City’s Knowledge Centre for Inequality of Opportunity as a council member and is a leader in social entrepreneurship. He has a broad vision for the city. Abdelhamid Idrissi and the AUAS can strengthen each other in regard to Idrissi's mission to help talent to flourish and the AUAS's social mission to maximise the development of the individual talents and qualities of all students and staff - regardless of background (ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, sexual and/or political preference).

Abdelhamid Idrissi follows in the footsteps of Kate Raworth and Marleen Stikker, who were previously appointed Professors of Practice at the AUAS. Although it’s common in international higher education, the Professor of Practice position is new to the Netherlands. This role enables the AUAS to connect to people who are a source of inspiration on current and future-focused strategic topics, in line with the AUAS’ mission and vision.