AUAS remains open with maximum group size of 75 people

Corona Update 12 November 2021

14 Nov 2021 13:19

The government announced new corona measures during the press conference on 12 November. These measures are necessary because the number of coronas infections continues to rise and care is under enormous pressure. The government is calling for the risk of infection to be minimised by asking people to reduce their in-person interactions as much as possible over the next three weeks. Higher education will remain open, but from 13 November a maximum group size of 75 people per room will apply. The advice to work from home has been intensified. In addition, face masks remain mandatory when moving around the buildings. And the basic rules remain crucial.

Classes, events and open days

Activities that are related to education, such as lectures and open days, may take place without a 1.5 metres limit. A maximum group size of 75 persons per room applies. The only exception to this are interim examinations and exams, where more than 75 students may be present in a room. Large lectures will mostly be offered on a hybrid basis. Students who take online classes can do so on campus in classrooms provided for this purpose. Face masks are worn when moving between rooms. Keep as much distance between yourself and others as possible. All social events in the next three weeks will be converted to online, rescheduled or cancelled.

Stay and work at home as much as possible

The government makes an urgent appeal to work at home, unless there is no other option. We want to be prudent with the margin we are given to keep higher education open. Teaching our students is our priority. That is why we ask all employees who do not teach physically to work at home as much as possible. If working at home is not an option, working on campus remains possible.

Self-test twice a week

We urge everyone to regularly self-test before coming to the HvA. Because you can unconsciously carry and spread the virus, we advise you to do this at least twice a week. Self-tests are available via and are displayed at the entrances of all buildings. Make sure to use them! Stay home and get tested at the GGD if you have corona-related complaints.

Getting a vaccine helps prevent Corona

Every adult in the Netherlands has been given the opportunity to be vaccinated. The probability of a fully vaccinated person contracting Corona is 17 times smaller and the risk of ending up in the Intensive Care due to a Covid infection is 33 times smaller than a non-vaccinated person. The government urges all those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so: to protect yourself, to prevent infecting others and to help prevent further hospitalisations. We hope everyone will take this appeal to heart. Please continue to respect everyone's individual decisions.

Ventilation in our buildings

Ventilating our spaces remains important in order to prevent the virus from spreading. The ventilation in the AUAS buildings is continuously monitored. When there is any doubt about the functioning of the ventilation systems, they are promptly checked and if necessary, measures are taken accordingly.

In conclusion

It is very valuable to us to continue teaching on campus. We are happy that this will be possible in the coming weeks. We are well aware that these times are extremely demanding on everyone and that the tightening of the coronas measures is a disappointment. It is difficult to keep adapting to new measures. In spite of this, we appeal to everyone to adhere to the corona measures and to help prevent more people from becoming infected.