Five major grants for AUAS research projects

4 Nov 2021 10:07 | Communication

AUAS has received five SPRONG grants from the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. Over the next four years, these subsidies of one million euros per project will allow AUAS to set up research groups with other universities of applied sciences, focusing on responsible AI, a circular Amsterdam, sustainable logistics and revenue models for the cultural sector.

The AUAS projects that these SPRONG grants will facilitate in the coming years derive from the Applied Artificial Intelligence, Creative Innovation and Urban Technology Centres of Expertise. AUAS also functions as the budget holder for two of the projects.

Responsible use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing, with far-reaching consequences for society as a whole. While AI offers new opportunities, the research is currently not practice-based. In collaboration with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and 25 other organisations, the Responsible Applied AI project will see AUAS researching how AI solutions can be responsibly designed, developed and implemented in retail, commercial services and media.

How can we make Amsterdam circular by 2050?

The Netherlands wants to be circular by 2050. That requires a transition in the way our society does business, collaborates, thinks and acts. With the CIRCOLLAB project, AUAS will seek to set up an infrastructure in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam for the exchange of knowledge in the fields of circular initiatives, experiments, research and education.

Greening Corridors

Goods transport is an important part of the Dutch economy. Through the Greening Corridors project, for which the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will act as budget holder, AUAS plans to research how to develop sustainable, high-traffic transportation methods. The project centres around three themes: better usage of the capacity of infrastructure and transport means; clean, safe and autonomous modes of transport; and digitisation of the chain.

New revenue models in the cultural sector

As a result of social changes and the cancellation of all activities during the pandemic, the cultural sector is in dire straits. How can we ensure creative innovation and social earning power? The Amsterdam university of the Arts will set out to answer this question in collaboration with AUAS, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Inholland. The knowledge institutes will be working together in the Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation.

PREVENT – comprehensive district-focused prevention

How can everyone live together better in big cities? In the research project PREVENT, AUAS and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht intend to study how district-focused prevention at the intersection of health and welfare can lead to social improvements. Working in so-called field labs, professionals will be collaborating with researchers, policy makers, lecturers and students to produce new knowledge in the social domain.

What is a SPRONG grant?

SPRONG grants are intended for collaborations between at least two universities and partners from businesses and governments. The idea is for the partners to create a powerful research group. If they are successful, they are eligible for another research grant of one million euros after four years. With the SPRONG programme, the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA is specifically targeting research projects in the areas of Energy Transition and Sustainability; Agriculture, Water and Food; Health and Healthcare; and Safety.