AUAS awarded two virtual exchange grants

AUAS is proud to announce that two of its proposals for virtual international collaboration projects were recently honoured by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

13 Jan 2022 15:57

The projects – focusing on cross-cultural data visualisation and international best practices in organising mega sporting events – will each receive €15,000 in funding.

Internationalisation is no longer limited to the traditional exchange or internship abroad. Students increasingly interact with other cultures and perspectives via international case studies, guest lecturers from abroad, or by conducting international research and participating in virtual exchanges from their home universities.

It’s a teaching practice that is on the rise and the Dutch government has taken notice. ‘Virtual International Collaboration’ funding is available through the Ministry as part of a major national initiative to increase the use of online exchange across borders and boost the internationalisation of higher education in the Netherlands.

FDMCI: cross-cultural data visualisation with students in Canada and Mexico

Lecturer-researcher Frank Kloos, who teaches in the Communication & Multimedia Design programme at the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries (FDMCI) submitted a successful proposal focusing on designing data stories for social impact.

The minor "Cross-cultural Data visualisation", which will run from February – July 2022, is an international minor about data visualisation, data-ethics and data-humanism related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students will experience how data can be collected, read and visualised, boosting their so-called "data literacy".

Working with project partners and students at Canada’s Ryerson University in Toronto and UAM Azcapotzalco in Mexico City, participants will use cultural diversity as a lens to learn from their differences and what that means for the ethical responsibility of the data-designer.

FBSV: Best practices for international mega events in the US and Holland

Claire Powell is a lecturer and member of the management team at the Sportkunde/Sport Studies programme at the Faculty of Sport and Nutrition (FBSV). She is also the internationalisation coordinator for the programme. Her successful project submission entails a COIL collaboration with New York University students who are participating in a summer course at NYU on global studies, which will see them interact virtually with AUAS students in the International Sport Management and Business (ISMB) programme.

The virtual exchange course will take place over six weeks from 23 May to 1 July 2022. The students will learn from each other (and the teaching team of two teachers in the Netherlands and 1 in the United States) about best practices for international mega events hosted in the Netherlands, the USA and beyond. Students will collaborate to present a bid to host a sustainable international event in their chosen city/country.