AUAS documentary: Behind the screens in times of corona

1 Feb 2022 14:37 | Communication

‘Behind the screens' was commissioned by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and filmed by the young documentary filmmaker Hannah van Tassel. She portrays the lives, studies and workdays of seven students and staff members during the corona pandemic, in a confronting yet relatable way.

Behind the screens

'It's like living in a glass cage. My bedroom has become my study. And my living room. And my hobby room,' says one student about his isolating existence. It is just one of the many moments in the film where the enormous impact of the pandemic on people's lives is clearly visible. The stories of the seven students and staff represent the pandemic experiences of hundreds of thousands of other people in higher education – and some people are still experiencing this. The film captures an unusual time in a special way.

The documentary will be broadcast in the week of 7-11 February 2022 on the Amsterdam city channel AT5 and is also available for viewing by clicking on the image above.

Read more about Hannah van Tassel (information in Dutch).