AUAS draws up Gender Equality Plan

18 Mar 2022 11:05 | Communication

In its Gender Equality Plan (GEP), AUAS describes what our university of applied sciences is doing to promote gender equality.

Diversity and inclusion are high on the agenda of AUAS. Together with Sustainability and Digitalisation, it forms one of the three central themes of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. AUAS aims to be an inclusive university of applied sciences in which everyone feels at home and appreciated. Various networks, initiatives and activities make an important contribution to promoting diversity and inclusion at our university of applied sciences.

Diversity refers to the various aspects in which we differ from one another, such as age, gender, disabilities, talents, sexual preference, nationality, religion and much more. Gender equality is one of the pillars of our diversity policy. AUAS aims to achieve an equal distribution of men and women at all levels of the organisation and an educational environment that is free of gender prejudices. The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) has been drawn up as part of the Diversity & Inclusion programme of AUAS. This plan provides insights into what AUAS is doing to promote gender equality.

The European Commission is making the GEP compulsory for research universities and universities of applied sciences that want to be eligible for research grants and Horizon Europe grants, among others. According to the European Commission, specific measures are needed to close the persistent gender gaps in the research sector. AUAS endorses the need for active policies to promote gender equality in applied research and innovation. In an implementation plan, HR and the faculties will further elaborate on how the gender equality objectives of the GEP can be achieved.

If you have any questions or comments about the GEP, please contact