Information about Ukraine

30 Mar 2022 09:34 | Communication

AUAS students and employees regularly ask if there is anything they can do for the people of Ukraine. The AUAS maintains personal contact with students and employees who are directly affected by the war. We also investigate how we can support refugees in terms of education and work. If you want to know what is being done and how you can join existing initiatives and support, keep reading.

Study opportunities for Ukrainian refugees

More and more Ukrainian refugees are finding safe residence in the Netherlands, including many children and young people. Together with the government and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the AUAS is investigating what we can offer students who have fled to the Netherlands in terms of education.


In collaboration with Colourful People, the AUAS is investigating whether we can start a pilot project to employ Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students within our organisation. There is a need for this because the students do not have access to financial resources from their home countries. We are looking into whether these students can be engaged as student assistants. We expect to have more information on this soon.

Collaborations frozen

All ongoing projects, research and student exchanges between Dutch and Russian and Belarusian institutions have been suspended as of 4 March. The AUAS thus complies with the government's decision, but will provide support to Russian and Belarusian students and staff who study and/or work here.

Initiatives within the AUAS community

Ukrainian students of the Amsterdam School for International Business are collecting relief supplies on the ground floor of the Business Campus until Monday 4 April. There is a need for medical products such as bandages and first aid materials, hygienic products, preserved food, baby food and batteries, among other things.

Two Ukrainian students from AMSIB drive to the Ukraine-Poland border every week to deliver humanitarian aid. You can support them by donating money to cover their fuel costs. The students are collaborating with the College of Economics and Law in Berlin and the Student Hotel in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Initiatives and information from the City of Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam is happy to participate in sheltering refugees from Ukraine. Visit this special Amsterdam supports Ukraine page to see what the city is doing in collaboration with aid organisations, and what you can do to help.

National initiatives

There are many activities organised on a national scale as well. The Dutch Council for Refugees (Vluchtelingenwerk) has assembled all the relevant information on the website Steun Oekraïense Vluchtelingen (in Dutch only). It contains information about accommodation, support, voluntary work, donating goods, offering employment to refugees and frequently asked questions.

Giro 555

The joint relief organisations are raising money for aid to Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. The money helps to provide medical care, shelter, food and clean drinking water. You can donate through the website.