Ukraine Q&A

14 Apr 2022 15:19 | Communication

The war in Ukraine can impact you as a student or staff member in different ways. The AUAS empathises with everyone affected by the situation.

We feel responsible for all our students and staff regardless of their origin or nationality. The AUAS is there for everyone. We understand that there are questions and concerns about studies or personal circumstances. This page contains all the information you need about help and guidance.

New/future students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus:

Q. I fled from Ukraine and would like to study at the AUAS. What options do I have?

A. The central government is looking into ways in which refugee Ukrainian students can get a place in higher education. The Ministries of Education, Culture & Science and Justice & Security as well as the IND are looking into all relevant details such as entry requirements, language tests, degree validation and financing. As soon as more details are available, we will report back.

Q. I am a (prospective) student from Ukraine but I do not have the necessary documents to register. Can I enrol in a programme without these documents?

A. Ukrainian students are currently not officially required to have their diplomas validated, but Nuffic is offering to help them enrol in the right place. Nuffic has also opened an information desk for refugee students from Ukraine who require assistance in choosing a study programme. Specific questions about studying in the Netherlands can be sent to In addition, the central government has decided that the group of Ukrainian refugees (both current and prospective students) will receive a temporary, protected residency status. Current students will also retain their study visas.

Q. I am a prospective student from Russia or Belarus, can I still register for the new academic year?

A. (Belarusian) Russian students may apply individually. Questions (and solutions) regarding obstacles such as not being able to do a language test etc. are currently being discussed nationally. Registration for the new academic year is open until 1 May.

Q. Can students from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus participate in short-term (several weeks to three months) initiatives, such as a part of a minor?

A: Yes, this is possible, provided that students have a third status/residence permit.

Q. I am from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus and want to study at the AUAS next year, but I don't know whether I will be able to pay my tuition fees. Am I entitled to financial assistance from the AUAS?

A. Unfortunately, the AUAS is not currently able to provide support in paying tuition fees or making timely payments for tuition fees. On Tuesday, 14 June, it was decided that students from Ukraine will pay the statutory tuition fee instead of the institutional tuition fee for the academic year 2022-2023. Following agreements with the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the Executive Board has reached a decision for the coming academic year only. The Board is now looking into what measures and support can be given for the rest of the normal study duration for students from Ukraine. Depending on the position of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the developments in Ukraine, the Executive Board will assess the situation during the course of this year.

Q. Should the AUAS cut all ties with Russian partners?

A. Existing formal collaborations are on hold for the time being. This means that right now no financial transactions are taking place and no knowledge is being exchanged with Russian knowledge institutions.

Q. In what way can we work with researchers of Russian nationality?

A. Peer-to-peer contact and collaboration can continue as long as these collaborations are not formalised in agreements. In case of doubt, the Office for Knowledge Security (rijksbreed loket kennisveiligheid) can provide support and answer questions on this subject. Government-wide desk for knowledge security (; information in Dutch).

Useful websites

RefugeeHelp is a website for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and anyone who wants to help them. This platform was initiated by various organisations ranging from the government to businesses, social organisations and individuals.

Studyinholland. This website, run by Nuffic, is a source of information for Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students who attend or want to attend higher education in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam supports Ukraine - City of Amsterdam. Website of the City of Amsterdam with information about all possibilities to receive refugees in the Amsterdam region.