Attention: National Railways (NS) on strike during introduction

24 Aug 2022 12:16 | Communication

NS staff will be striking in the coming week. This affects the accessibility of the AUAS. The programmes start their introduction activities on 29 August. A large number of students and staff will not be able to travel to Amsterdam by train on 29 August.

The AUAS regrets that the strike coincides with the start of our introduction week. Some programmes are adjusting their schedule, and we will overall be flexible in accommodating latecomers. Please check if there are alternative travel options and make sure you start your journey early. Monitor your email for updates from your course. Also keep an eye on the website or social media channels of your study programme. We do hope to welcome you on campus despite these inconveniences.

NS staff will be on strike on the following days in the following regions:

  • 24 August in the North of the Netherlands
  • 26 August in the West of the Netherlands
  • 29 August in the North West of the Netherlands (Amsterdam region)
  • 30 August in Central Netherlands
  • 31 August in the East and South of the Netherlands.

Please note that strikes can also impact neighbouring regions, and can lead to delays and cancellations of trains.