International students are part of AUAS

4 Dec 2022 11:30 | Communication

Tuesday, 29 November saw the House of Representatives pass a motion on temporarily discontinuing active efforts to attract international students to higher education in the Netherlands. AUAS finds this regrettable. An international community of staff and students plays an extremely important role in maintaining a high standard of teaching and research.

We regard our current contingent of international staff, students and researchers as an integral part of the AUAS community. Dutch students benefit a great deal from interacting with foreign students and from collaborating on practical issues within an international classroom setting. Moreover, by attracting international students, AUAS is also making an active contribution to remedying labour market and sectoral shortages. We welcome international students because they bolster the quality of teaching and research by introducing alternative perspectives, thereby expanding our horizons.

Another important point is that the current tasks facing society can no longer be resolved within our borders. The energy transition, the refugee crisis, pandemics and the climate transition transcend national borders and will need to be dealt with at an international level. We are addressing these issues in collaboration with the countries, higher education institutions and partners around us. We are preparing our students for work in an international context, at international organisations or at Dutch companies and organisations that often operate in an international setting. Studying in an international classroom setting is part and parcel of that. Our students are eager to spend a semester studying abroad, and conversely foreign students are welcome to come and study with us. We would like to keep it that way.