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For graduates, interns, lecturers and researchers

The corona crisis requires many rapid adjustments in education and research. Colleagues and students are asking us how internships, graduation and research can take place remotely. We are gathering insights and solutions with the aim to support people across the AUAS, and beyond, during this time.

We need your help! How are you carrying on with education, internships, graduation or research during this period? Will you help others by sharing your solutions? We’d like to ask you to make a short video about how you are adapting during these circumstances, whether it’s in relation to an internship, graduation or research project. Please see the call for participation below from AUAS lecturer Didi Griffioen.

*Turn on subtitles in settings for English

Please include the following in your video (for each internship/graduation/research example):

  • Who are you?
  • Which programme/department do you work at?
  • How did you set up internships/graduation/research in the past?
  • What problems did you encounter due to corona/social distancing?
  • How has your internship/graduation/research now been adapted?
  • What are the (expected) advantages and disadvantages?

Please shoot the video (for example) with your mobile phone in the horizontal position and then send it to via Submissions outside of the AUAS/Netherlands can be sent via Wetransfer. By sending the video you grant your permission to place it on the YouTube channel of the HERI research group (under a private link) and to share it publicly on the HvA/AUAS website. Your name, the programme/department where you work and your email address will also be shared in the video, so that interested parties can contact you and we can help each other.

If you have questions please contact Sanne Daas (

Published by  Higher Education, Research and Innovation 21 April 2020