Higher Education, Research and Innovation

The Higher Education, Research and Innovation (HERI) research group investigates how education, research and professional practice can strengthen each other to provide for high-level professionalism.

Society has an increasing demand for professionals with research and innovation skills. This means that higher education institutions must teach students to handle knowledge and to renew their practices. Moreover, higher education must enable students to act in a professional manner on the basis of well-founded knowledge.

However, in order to achieve this in educational practice, lecturers, researchers and students are experiencing challenges. These challenges can be divided into three themes:

1. The integrated professional

What role do knowledge and research play in the professional conduct of highly educated professionals?

2. The integrated curriculum

What are the characteristics of a higher education curriculum in which research and professional conduct are integrated? And how can one create these curricula?

3. The integrated higher education organisation

Which organisational conditions of higher education institutions stimulate the connection between research and teaching for the benefit of student learning?

Published by  Higher Education, Research and Innovation 17 June 2022

  D.M.E. Griffioen (Didi) PhD

Professor of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

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