Alper studied Aviation in Amsterdam


"All the nice people from the programme I followed"

Alper: “Studying aviation truly was an amazing experience."


"Hello all! My name is Alper, and I had the privilege to participate in the Aviation Management Honours Programme as an international Erasmus+ student from Ozyegin University in Turkey in the fall semester of 2019.

I have to say it truly was a privilege! Because first off, I got to spend a semester in this beautiful flat country which surprisingly, had less cloudy and rainy days than Istanbul. More importantly, being part of this programme was such an honorable experience. I got to meet 14 students in the programme whom I deeply care for now,.

We have spend, five days per week together, planning and discussing about interesting aviation related topics. Moreover, together, we accomplished projects, participated in classes, we organized the 15th Aviation Management Conference from scratch, went to events and more importantly, played the sinterklaas game!

All the teachers were more of mentors who came in and discussed how we could move forward with our study, projects and even our future professional lives. I am really glad I met all these supportive, lovely and inclusive people.

We were also in close contact with many leading companies in the aviation sector such as Transavia, KLM, Royal Schiphol Group etc. We made projects with them, participated in events, listened to keynotes, and I am not even talking about the network that we created thanks to the organization and hosting of the conference.

I have seen and experienced such a modern education model without any exams which was flexible, participatory and supporting personal development. In short, I can say it was one of the most valuable periods of my life, living/traveling in a beautiful country and studying such a great programme with such awesome people."