Irati studied at the AUAS


Irati:"This beautiful city and the people in it made my experience”


My stay in Amsterdam was the best experience in my life. Because of two main factors.

Firstly the city, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I visited the city once before as a kid, and Amsterdam is truly as beautifull and fun as I remembered. All in all, I love this city!

Secondly, all the people I met, made my exchange experience amazing! In general I stayed with spanish people, because these people were also my flatmates. However, at the university (Hogeschool Van Amsterdam) I met two friendly Dutch guys, who helped me with the program and taught me about dutch culture. They also invited me to their local village. Which was a typical town in the Netherlands, small and with a lot of canals.

So if someone tell you that dutch people are unfriendly, you don't have to generalize. They will help you in everything you need.

I wish that in the future I would be able to visit that amazing city again.