Adaptable Mindset

Get the tools, mindset and skills to develop an adaptable mindset in your personal and professional life. This course will empower you to find your own way in this increasingly complex world. A world that changing fast, new technologies and new realities are arising every few months. Education has difficulty keeping up and businesses fail to adapt. In order to adapt to this ever-changing world, you need to develop your own mindset and tools to help yourself and others. Developing your own (adaptable) mindset will allow you to embrace and deal with change much more effectively in both your personal and professional life.

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What will you do?


In this module we will present you with activities and examples that will allow you to expand your perception about the world and be open to new possibilities The explorative mindset is essential element of creativity, innovation, design and art. If you want to create solutions that will disrupt and transform your field, you need to nurture this mindset.


This module is about taking diverse perspectives, provoking, thinking critically. If the module on exploration was about nurturing openness and curiosity, this one is about questioning. The purpose of this module is to develop a mindset of taking multiple perspectives in consideration when exploring a topic that you would like to create innovation in.


This module is about building capacity to process information, to synthesise and connect with your personal values, passion, needs. The process of reflection supports you to integrate all of the ideas, possibilities and perspectives you have been exploring. This process allows you to come up with unique new ideas, identify opportunities that you might have not noticed before and discover the essence (for yourself) of all the information that we are constantly flooded with.

7 September 2021