Transformation Design Experience

During these 4 days you will embark on a unique learning journey about Transformation Design. We will work on enriching your head, heart and hands. The programme includes a mix of self-lear¬ning and peer-learning, indoor and outdoor activities, inspirational sessions to feed your brain, as well as moments to spend on your well-being. There will be time for you to make, and also time to reflect.

Course content

You will be introduced to the essentials of Transformation Design. In exact, you will learn about:

  • The 15 S Model: a Strategic Design process;
  • The six Sustainable Development Goals transformations;
  • Organizing diversity within your team and how this will impact sustainable change and transformation;
  • Your personal role in transformation: how does the self-relate to the system, and what role do our intentions have?;
  • The differences between change and transformation, between complicated and complex problems, between a global and local outlook and between designing in the open and behind closed doors.

You will have time to pay attention to your own well-being so that you can stay sharp and fresh to work on your own transformation goals. Think of activities such as audioscape, city and nature walks, yoga and meditation. You will attend several workshops where you can practice how to translate what you have learnt and experienced into tangible actions for your daily practice.

This programme is not only an individual learning experience. You will get the chance to connect with your highly-motivated fellow participants and trainers to grow together on this adventure. There will be space and time for co-creation and peer-learning. You will work together to shape positive futures for our education and society.

By the end of this activity, you can:

  • Advocate the importance of diversity, sustainability and co-inspiration for successful transformation
  • Lead and implement a culture of experimentation for the transforma­tional challenges of your organization
  • Use the Transformational Triggers Toolkit to consider the challenges that trigger change and transformation, while also considering the impact and meaningfulness of the solutions you design
  • Appreciate the importance of a balan­ced mind and body to lead transfor­mations

For whom?

  • Those at AUAS who would like to implement the strategic priorities of the ‘3 Dimensions' into their daily work and lives.
  • Educators, team leads, curriculum designers, coordinators, managers, researchers and anyone who feels they have the capacity to organise (and design) a transforma­tion within AUAS.
  • Corporate leaders who wish to pave the way for sustainable (digital) transformation;
  • Design leaders seeking ways to inspire their teams towards new mindsets;
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to create, develop and scale businesses in a transformational context;
  • Public sector leaders that want to work more sustainably, inclusively and help create shared value in participative ways.


Marco van Hout

Marco van Hout is co-founder and creative director of Digital Society School. As a recognized design leader and pioneer in experience design in the past 20 years he has gained broad expertise on topics such as transformation design, digital society, UX, human(ity) and life centered design. He believes in the creation of a ‘global learning society’ to ignite transformation towards a better world. In this light he has co-founded the Global Goals Jam with the UNDP and is a community liaison for transformation/ design for SDG’s at the World Design Organization. Marco likes to be hands on with big concepts and is known for making concepts and ideas tangible through the creation of toolkits (e.g. the Design Method Toolkit) and workshops. He is a globally sought after speaker, educator and trainer and has travelled the world, speaking/teaching about emotional design, experience-driven design and design for sustainable development and transformation.

Practical information


Short-term, 4 days

Language of instruction




Application deadline

Deadline for application with a guarantee on housing: 22 May 2022
Deadline for application without a guarantee on housing: 1 June 2022

Course level/ Entry requirements

Professionals: Business Unit Managers, Innovation Managers, HR Managers

Tuition fee

€ 990.00 (without housing). AUAS employees can use their training budget. Send a mail to for more information.

Type of diploma

Certificate Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Summer School

Housing (options and costs)

During this course you can stay at The Student Hotel.

Published by  AUAS Summer School 4 May 2022