Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Course content

During the two-week summer course, you will work on human rights challenges faced by the city of Amsterdam, especially concerning groups in challenging human rights situations. Examples of such challenged groups are refugees, people living in poverty, the LGBT-community and migrants.

Learning by doing is central to this summer course. Therefore you will be informed by (theoretical) introductions to the central themes and different approaches. This will be combined with visits to the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam to work with experienced practitioners and, most importantly, challenged groups.

This ‘field lab’ experience of creative methods and digital storytelling will provide you with the tools necessary to develop skills and strategies to empower the challenged groups. In addition, you will receive support from experts on the themes of the summer course.
By actively participating in interactive and integrative field labs, you will work, learn and develop skills in practice. During the summer course, lecturers and field coaches will create an environment in which students inspire each other and get inspired by stakeholders in the field of human rights.

These stakeholders are representatives of NGO’s, hands-on practitioners, experienced and inspiring lecturers, experts and the challenged groups. The experiences you collect during the two weeks will be integrated in a creative (group) presentation of a human rights related empowerment strategy for a specific challenged group. You will present the underlying theory of the production in a short, written (individual) research report.

Published by  Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law 24 January 2020