Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Learning activities

We introduce you to a framework on the ethics of human freedom, human rights law, creative methods, and getting to know each other and the context of the city. Additionally you have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to the city of Amsterdam. Learning by doing in the city.

Each field lab day will start with a briefing and end with a debriefing, both focusing on content, context and process. In the meantime you will be working in practice. You will do this together with your fellow students, groups in a challenging human rights situation, lecturers and field coaches.

For help with the process of creating and developing a community-based human rights strategy, you will be able to get in touch with a team of experts on the themes of the Summer Course. This allows the summer course to provide tailor-made support, based on the needs of the individual student.

During the course, you will prepare a creative production to showcase the skills you have acquired during your two weeks in Amsterdam. Playful approaches and creative methods are useful tools in the fieldwork to establish contact and make a safe environment for communication. Students are challenged to use creative means to present the stories of themselves and the people of Amsterdam they talked to in practice. Text, music, masks, dance, drama activities, exhibitions: all means that can help you create a platform for the human rights stories of the city. Your audience will consist of your fellow students, the field coaches, practitioners, lecturers and the challenged groups you have been working with during your stay in Amsterdam.

The course subjects are:

  • Human Rights Law
  • Ethics of Human Freedom (Capability Approach)
  • Creative Methods
  • Digital Storytelling
Published by  Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Law 24 January 2020