Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Learning activities

Subject matter experts on several related topics. You get to write a paper on the academic debates and conceptualisations of brand engagement and its practices.

Master classes from business practices. You get to work on a group project where you will compare brand customer engagement performances across various channels and make strategic recommendations to improve them.

Extended 6 EC version

For students who need 6 EC in order to transfer their course back to their home university we offer an opportunity to acquire an additional 2 ECTS with our special extended version. This means you will attend the two-week course and, after finishing the course and returning home, work on the extra assignment under online guidance of one of our lecturers. You can hand-in your assignment up to 4 weeks after the course ends (by e-mail).

Additional learning activities extended version

Week 3 and 4: Individual work in Amsterdam or at home. You will write a paper with learnings drawn from your literature review and connected to your Summer School research. Furthermore, you are expected to develop and expand your online portfolio that you have coded during the 2 weeks summer school.

Published by  AUAS Summer School 17 December 2020