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City marketing practices together with a physical transformation of the European urban landscape have contributed to enforce this positive image. Historical inner city centers have been beautifully restored and new districts have emerged as all kind of ‘hubs’ for business, events, ICT or innovation incubators. It is truly an example of the importance of an interconnected world.

In this process we learned about the chances and the challenges we are facing nowadays. The Triumph of the Cities is not only attractive to city dwellers but also to all kinds of visitors.

On the other hand the celebrated Airbnb (advertising as ‘the best way to become a local’) has now become a symbol of the negative effects of touristification. In a way, and as one of our former students rightly noted: ‘sometimes nothing is what it seems to be’.

At this moment in time we feel the need to truly reinvent the way we promote cities, to make our cities both more prosperous and resilient. This is what we call Reversed City Marketing.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 13 December 2019