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Course readings

Registered students are facilitated with a guided and detailed Course Lab manual, including a description of activities and related readings and preparations.

Recommended lectures are (parts of):

Simon Anholt, 'Places identity, image and reputation' 2010

Gregory Ashworth and Stephen J. Page, ‘Urban Tourism Research: Recent Progress and Current Paradoxes’, Tourism Management, 32.1 (2011), 1–15

Denaci, Mark C., ‘Amsterdam And/as New Babylon: Urban Modernity’s Contested Trajectories’, in Imagining Global Amsterdam: History, Culture, and Geography in a World City, ed. by Marco de Waard (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2012), pp. 201–17

Mihalis Kavaratzis and G.J. Ashworth, 2007 'Partners in coffee shops, canals and commerce: Marketing the city of Amsterdam Cities'

Scott, Allen J., ‘Creative Cities: Conceptual Issues and Policy Questions’, Journal Of Urban Affairs, 28 (2015),

———, ‘Emerging Cities of the Third Wave’, City, 15 (2011), 289–321

Jorge Sequera & Jordi Nofre (2018) ‘Shaken, not stirred, New debates on touristification and the limits of gentrification.’ City, 22:5-6, 843-855S

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 13 December 2019